10 Niches for Nannies

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When it comes to nannies, there aren’t any one-size-fits all families. Each family will have its own unique care needs, and finding the right nanny to meet those needs is essential. Many nannies recognize this and, as such, have carved out their own niche within the industry. From nannies who specialize in caring for children with allergies to nannies who exclusively work with children of divorce, niche nannies have fine-tuned their care giving skills to provide specialized care to the families they serve.

  1. Newborn care specialist. Nannies who have extensive experience in caring for newborns and exclusively do so are commonly called newborn care specialists. These nannies generally have specialized training in caring for newborns and may have obtained newborn care specialist certification from a free standing professional association or training program.
  2. Multiples specialist. Nannies who have significant experience and exclusively care for twins, triplets and high order multiples are often referred to as multiples specialists. While there’s no specialized training for this niche, most have several years of hand-on experience working with parents of multiples and caring for their babies.
  3. Traveling nanny. Traveling nannies do just what their name implies: they provide childcare to families who are traveling. Traveling nannies typically have a home base and book their clients well in advance. They may accompany parents with young children on cruises, family vacations or business trips.
  4. Temporary nanny. Temporary nannies may provide short-term, emergency, or back-up childcare. They may travel across town or across the country to care for the children of their clients. The nanny’s duties and responsibilities may vary depending on the family’s needs, so flexibility is required.
  5. Governess. Educationally qualified nannies who oversee the education of the children in their care are referred to as governesses. A governess may home school or tutor the children, and she may work closely with classroom teachers to establish a supporting curriculum or develop her own.
  6. Nannies who specialize in working with children of divorce. Some nannies specialize in working with children whose parents are divorced or in the midst of a divorce. These nannies have extensive experience working with separated and divorced parents and are capable and competent of caring for the children in both households and managing the logistics that go along with doing so.
  7. Nannies who specialize in working with high needs children. Nannies who exclusively work with high needs children and have extensive experience in doing so may develop a preference for working with this clientele. From caring for children who have diabetes to working with children who have ADHD, these nannies have fine-tuned their skills to work with a specific demographic.
  8. Nanny/household manager. Nannies who share both childcare and household management duties are referred to as nanny/household managers. Typically, these nannies provide care for preschool and school aged children, providing childcare when they are home and tending to household management when they’re not. These nannies may grocery shop, manage repair services and home projects, and otherwise keep the home running efficiently and smoothly.
  9. Night nanny. Night nannies are accustomed to working the overnight shift and providing care during the middle of the night hours. Some may double as newborn care specialists and others may work for parents whose jobs require them to be away from the home in the late evening hours.
  10. Nanny consultant. Supernanny Jo Frost isn’t alone. There are many nannies who specialize in consulting with parents to solve their pressing parenting dilemmas. From sleep training to discipline problems, these nannies come to the rescue and develop an action plan with parents to tweak their parenting style and their children’s behavior.

While it’s certainly not necessary for parents to hire a niche nanny or for a nanny to be one, for parents who are looking for a specific type of specialized service and for nannies who are accustomed to providing it, hiring a niche nanny or marketing yourself as one can be the perfect solution.

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