10 Tips for Nannies Working for High Profile Families

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For a professional nanny, securing a post with a high-profile family can be a major accomplishment.  Working for a celebrity or public figure can have lots of attractive perks and benefits, but the job also comes with an increased amount of responsibility. If you’ve recently been hired by a political figure or paparazzi target, here are 10 of the things that you should keep in mind.

  1. Be Prepared for an Erratic Schedule – Working for a celebrity, politician, or even a high-powered executive will almost certainly require you to work long and often erratic hours. Unlike typical posts that are usually more structured, you may very well be called in to work during the very early morning hours or in the middle of the afternoon, sometimes with little notice.
  2. Avoid The Barest Hint of Scandal – Anyone who is routinely in the public eye must carefully guard their reputation. Keep in mind that your bad behavior could reflect poorly on your employers if it’s discovered, and that you might be under more scrutiny than you bargained for. Accepting high-profile posts will require you to comport yourself with dignity and avoid any hint of scandal that could reflect negatively upon your employers.
  3. Discretion is Essential – Even if you haven’t signed a nondisclosure agreement, which is exceedingly rare for nannies employed by celebrities or public figures, it’s still important for you to respect your employers’ right to privacy. Spilling any information to tabloids or gossiping with other nannies are quick ways to lose your elite post and never obtain another of its caliber.
  4. Your Reputation is Everything – Working for families that are under constant public scrutiny will require you to carefully guard your reputation, especially if you plan to move on to other exclusive celebrity posts later. Avoiding any problems that could affect your reputation is imperative.
  5. Be Respectful of Boundaries – When your celebrity or public-figure employers return home after a challenging day, the last thing that they’ll want to deal with is a star-struck childcare provider. Never ask your employer for autographs or special favors, and respect their right to privacy and relaxation when they’re away from the scrutiny of the public eye.
  6. Get Ready to Travel – Celebrities, politicians, and other high-profile figures must be ready to travel at the drop of a hat, and often want their children to accompany them. As such, you’ll have to be prepared to travel extensively as well. Make sure that your passport is in order, and that you’re able to accommodate a jet-setting lifestyle.
  7. Be a Team Player – It’s not unheard of for the ultra-wealthy to employ more than one nanny, meaning that you may have to work with one, two, or even three other people to care for their brood. Nannies who are accustomed to working alone might find this difficult at first, but it is par for the course in high-profile assignments.
  8. Keep Security in Mind at All Times – It’s an unfortunate fact that fascination with public figures, celebrities, and artists is so great that their children must be guarded more carefully than others. Persistent photographers are a common problem, but you may also have to be concerned with kidnapping threats or stalkers in some cases. Remember that your high-profile charges will require more attention to security than those you’ve worked for previously.
  9. Don’t Expect Extravagant Perks – While your wealthy and prestigious employer may have the means of providing extravagant bonuses and perks, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will. Rather than expecting these grand gestures, it’s best to approach the post from the financial standpoint that it’s no different from any other, and perhaps be pleasantly surprised.
  10. Focus on Your Own Career – Working directly for a celebrity or public figure can cause you to feel as if you have a unique perspective on their problems and concerns. Even if you do have a better understanding of them, it’s important for you to focus solely on your own career, and to leave the management of your employers’ to themselves.

Obtaining a post with a prestigious family means that you have the experience and great reputation necessary to land a coveted post. It’s important that you remember the professionalism that helped you land the job after you begin working for them, and do your best not to get carried away with the excitement of working for a high-profile family.

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