20 Blogs with Tips for Interpreting Your Dreams

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Just as no two people are alike, no two dreams are alike either. However, there are common dream elements that many people share that are open for interpretation. For instance, what does it mean when you have recurring dreams, or dreams about running late, flying, falling or losing your teeth? These are common dream elements that people frequently incur, and with a little digging and research you can interpret what each one means and how it pertains to your life. Is there a hidden message in your dreams? Or is your brain simply stringing together random thoughts and events from your day? These 20 bloggers believe that there is a deeper meaning in some dreams, and have provided you with some insight to what some of the more common dream themes mean.

Recurring Dreams

At some point in your life, you will probably realize that you’ve had a recurring dream. Perhaps you constantly find yourself walking down a hallway with a bunch of closed doors, and you’re wondering which one you should open. This dream could signify a decision you have to make, and it’s possible that you’ll keep having the dream until you do. To learn more about recurring dreams, take look at these four blogs.

Being Late in a Dream

If you’ve ever had a dream where you are running late, you know exactly how stressful these dreams can be. These types of dreams can have several different hidden meanings, and you can learn some of the interpretations by reading these four blogs.

Losing Teeth Dreams

Losing teeth in a dream does not mean you are going to lose your teeth in your real life. After all, dreams are rarely that straight forward. You’ll first need to figure out what teeth represent for you. For instance, are you proud of your smile? If so, having a dream where you are losing your teeth could indicate stress about your appearance. For other interpretations, check out these four blog posts.

Flying Dreams

If you are flying in your dream and you are having a great time, then your dream is a reflection of something that you feel good about in your life. Maybe you just quit a bad job and now you feel a sense of freedom. These four blogs elaborate more on what flying dreams can mean.

Falling Dreams

While sometimes falling dreams can coincide with flying dreams, they are typically about a feeling of losing control over something in your life.  For more insights, take a look at these four blogs.

  • Recurring Dreams and Their Meanings This blogger believes that falling in a dream could be moving from one phase of sleep to another.
  • “I’m Falling” Falling in a dream may represent a feeling of being out of control while you’re awake.
  • Falling Dream Interpretation If you are falling in your dream, it could indicate that you are having trouble at work and don’t feel like you are taking control of the situation.
  • Dream Meanings—Analysis of Falling Dreams The details in a dream can help you determine what area of your life you may need to address. If you are falling, you may need to be more grounded in your waking life.
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