25 Love Notes That Will Mess Up Your Valentine’s Day

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Figuring out what to write in the Valentine’s Day cards you send out can be a challenge. However, understanding what not to write can be an even bigger one. In order to help you avoid an accidental relationship disaster from a Valentine’s Day card misstep, here are 25 of the things you shouldn’t write.

  1. “Happy Valentine’s Day!” – Unless the card you’re writing is going to a pal or a relative, you’ll want to make sure that your Valentine’s Day message is a bit more personal than a generic greeting
  2. Passive Aggressive Messages – Every relationship has its bumps, but using the space inside your lover’s Valentine’s card to passive-aggressively manipulate them is just asking for trouble.
  3. “Love, Me” – Like the simple “Happy Valentine’s Day!” greeting, relying on the verse inside your card to get your message across and adding only your name smacks of distraction and reticence.
  4. Allusions to a Recent Argument – Let bygones be bygones in your card, even if you’re both still a bit angry. Bringing up a point of contention in a Valentine’s Day card is a surefire way to rekindle an argument, which is almost certain to ruin the day.
  5. “I Think We Should See Other People” – Breaking up is hard to do, but it’s a mean thing to do on special days. If at all possible, it’s far nicer to avoid the big breakup until after the holiday, so that your soon-to-be ex isn’t accosted by visions of red hearts and flowers that serve as painful reminders.
  6. Cheesy Pick-Up Lines – Unless you’re sure that they’ll come across as a joke and be well-received, signing off with a hokey pickup line probably won’t have the best results.
  7. “I’m Interested in Exploring Polyamory” – If you have a big bombshell to drop, save it until after Valentine’s Day. Definitely don’t explore the idea in a greeting card.
  8. Explicit Messages – There’s a time and a place for everything, but a Valentine’s Day card is no place for an explicit description of your desires.
  9. “I Will Bring You the Moon and Stars” – While it’s certainly very sweet to make your lover lofty promises, the problem lies within the fact that they’re impossible to keep. Stick to more realistic pledges and your words are more likely to be accepted as sincere.
  10. The Wrong Name – While you’d probably never actually address a Valentine’s Day card to the wrong person, there’s a principle beneath the advice. Allowing someone to think they’re your one and only Valentine is heartless if you have a string of others waiting in the wings.
  11. “LOL” – As text-speak becomes more common and email replaces handwritten letters, a Valentine’s Day card inscribed with actual words using proper grammar is almost as valuable as gold.
  12. “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue…” – There’s nothing exciting about a worn-out cliché, unless you’re using it as a joke to preface more heartfelt sentiments.
  13. Song Lyrics – Perhaps you share a special song with your lover that holds very deep meaning for the two of you. In that case, quoting a line or two before sharing words of your own is sweet. When you copy all of the verses and choruses however, it can come across as an attempt to get out of thinking out your own message.
  14. Lies – Writing things that are patently untrue, even with the best of intentions, is downright cruel anytime. It’s especially tacky on Valentine’s Day.
  15. A Novel – you should certainly share your feelings with your beloved on Valentine’s Day, but filling every spare inch of space on a greeting card with tiny print will be both difficult to read and a bit overwhelming.
  16. “We Need to Talk” – Vague references to a need for discussion only seems to imply something ominous. Even if the subject of your big conversation is something sweet and exciting, that phrase can strike fear in the heart of anyone.
  17. Nothing – Dropping a greeting card into the envelope it came with is a quick and easy route, but it’s also a very lazy one. You should at least sign your name and include a short personal note.
  18. Poetry – Be careful with poetry in a Valentine’s Day card. Unless you’re an accomplished poet, it may not always turn out well.
  19. “Buy Yourself Something Nice” – Tossing a few bills in a birthday card is one thing, but presenting cash in a card in lieu of a gift you’ve picked out yourself smacks of laziness and disinterest.
  20. “No Ring This Year!” – If you’ve been together for years and you know that a lady friend is expecting a big proposal, this is not the subject to joke about.
  21. “This is Only a Commercial Holiday” – Regardless of how cynical you are and how much you may despise the idea of a manufactured commercial holiday, it’s best to keep those sentiments to yourself if you know your significant other feels differently.
  22. “Let’s Get Back Together” – Love is definitely in the air around Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to let the need for affection drive you back into an ill-advised relationship.
  23. A Declaration of Your Undying Love on the Second Date – If you started dating in January, Valentine’s Day probably isn’t the time to drop the big L-bomb.
  24. “I’m Just Happy I’m Not Single Today.” – Letting your significant other know that she’s not so significant is hurtful anytime, but doing it on Valentine’s Day is sure to earn you a spot in the dog house.
  25. “You’ll Do For Now.” – Even if you’re with Ms. Right Now while you wait for Ms. Right, there’s no reason to rub it in on such a romantic holiday.
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