30 Blogs Filled with No Cost Family Fun Ideas

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In an economy that’s struggling to rebound from a financial crisis, many families are finding themselves facing tight budgets. Paying for entertainment when you’re struggling to make ends meet usually isn’t an option. Thankfully, there are myriad ways to spend fun and exciting quality time together as a family without spending a fortune. The collective wisdom of bloggers from around the world can help you find ways to keep your brood entertained while spending time together as a family unit, even when you can’t afford outings or nights on the town.

Family Fun Night Ideas

Whether you’re staging a family game night with board games you already own or looking for new and exciting activities, holding regularly scheduled family fun nights is a fun way of promoting family togetherness and solidifying emotional bonds. These five blog entries are filled with ideas for how to host a no-cost family fun night, making sure that everyone has a blast without going broke.

Creative and Free Family Fun

Arts and crafts projects aren’t just for kids; grown-ups with creative inclinations can get in on the fun too! There are plenty of expensive kits or supplies to create extravagant projects, but there are also ways to host a creative family activity for little to no cost. These five blogs are dedicated to arts and crafts projects for kids, with an emphasis on frugal living and cheap projects.

Outdoor Family Fun

Getting off the couch and outside allows you to enjoy some physical activity that’s essential to your health while spending time with your nearest and dearest. These outdoor activities are fun for the entire family, from the youngest to the oldest.

Parks and Recreation

Your local playground may be getting a bit stale for your family, especially if you take advantage of the free facilities on a regular basis. These five blog entries are centered on classic playground games from around the world, and can breathe new life into a playground that’s become boring. Teaching your children the games you played when you were their age can also be a great relationship building activity!

Local Flavor

These blog entries may be dedicated to the free activities in major cities across the United States, but that doesn’t mean that they’re restricted only to the residents of those cities. Similar programs and offerings exist in most cities across the nation, so you can get ideas for programs to check out in your own city from those provided in these five entries.


If you want a truly free family activity that makes a big difference, volunteering together may be just the thing you’re looking for. In addition to spending time together and learning to work as a team, your kids can also learn more about the concepts of compassion, charity and a sense of gratitude for their own good fortune. These five blog entries offer a variety of family volunteering ideas, and can serve as inspiration for your household.

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