30 Blogs with the Best Tips on Helping Siblings to Get Along

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Sibling rivalry is an age old problem for parents. The constant fights and petty squabbling can be enough to drive you insane but, short of divorcing your battling kids, you’re stuck with them. If only you could help them see the error of their ways and get along, life would become so much more peaceful for everyone. So why not take the bulls by the horns, so to speak? These 30 blogs are full of great tips to help resolve your sibling rivalry dilemma.

From the Cradle

If you still have the chance, it’s always better to teach them young. Sibling rivalry is often traced back to the introduction of a new person into a child’s life. The proverbial green-eyed monster comes to visit and, if you don’t nip it in the bud, becomes a permanent house guest. To get ahead of the game, pay a visit to these five blogs on introducing a new baby to his brother and sisters.

Establishing Rules

By this stage, it is a given that you missed out on the opportunity to establish sibling kinship from the get go. Not to worry, you are still in charge and can change the course of your warring siblings’ joint futures. It is time to establish some rules that, if enforced with military precision, will bring your little nightmares to heel in no time. There are some great tips for establishing rules in these five blogs, too.

Nurturing Positive Behaviors

Once you have established a temporary truce, it’s time to start working on the core issues. Your sibling children are reacting negatively to conflicts with each other, which is preventing them from resolving any of their issues. This will continue until they learn to effectively communicate, without someone ending up with broken bones. Take your first steps on the path to a peace treaty with tips from these five blogs on positive sibling communication.

Controlling Playtime Feuding

Playtime is a rather misleading title, given that it is serious business for kids. It is possible that each of your children will have their own playing style. This is not necessarily a bad thing, until the styles of play conflict. It is important, in such cases, to help them find a happy medium. Once they understand each other better, cooperation will soon follow. For a more in-depth look into the intricate world of child’s play, read through these five blogs.

The Teenage Years

When the dreaded teenage years come around, even siblings who were once inseparable can become enemies. You may vaguely remember those confusing years yourself, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. However, as you will find out, being the parent in the scenario is a whole new deal. When your teen siblings are telling you that they hate each other, as well as everyone else, it’s time to retire to a quiet place and consult these five blogs.

Feuding Adult Siblings

When siblings carry their wars into adult life, the situation can become extremely difficult for the entire family. It is no joke when adult siblings start a food fight during Thanksgiving dinner that isn’t born out of good-natured fun. Find their inner children and put them in timeout with these five blogs.

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