How to Know if You Are a Cat or Dog Person

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In the world of animal lovers, there are usually two clear distinctions made: those who are “cat people,” and those who are “dog people.” Occasionally a person will claim an affinity for both, or be so adamantly opposed to living with an animal that they declare themselves apart from the argument altogether. For most people, though, there is a very clear line between being a dog person or a cat person. If you’re not quite sure which camp you fall into, however, there are a few clues that can help you decide with whom your alliance lies.

Examine Your Social Networking Presence

Are you an Android user who keeps contacts in your cell phone and a physical address book and do you frequent Twitter? You could be a cat person, according to a survey hosted and sponsored by Hunch. Dog people, on the other hand, are 23%  more likely to be iPhone users, 12% more likely to be early adopters of technology and 36% more likely to use a popular song as a cell phone ringtone than their cat-loving counterparts.

Consider Your Favorite Beatle?

You may not realize that your favorite Beatle says so much about you, but it may have a bearing on whether you’re running with the dogs or have an affinity for cats. Dog people are 18% more likely to name Paul McCartney when questioned about their favorite Beatle, while lovers of the Fab Four who hold a soft spot for George Harrison are 25% more likely to have a fondness for felines.

Think About Your Feelings on Parties

Ruminate on the last party you attended, and consider your thoughts on the subject. Did you have a great time mingling with the crowd? You may be a dog person. If you spent the evening glued to a friend and eschewed new acquaintances, you’re 14% more likely to be a lover of cats.

Examine Your Sense of Humor

Do you howl at a good impersonation and fall into a helpless puddle of giggles when you’re faced with a good bit of slapstick comedy? Hunch’s poll says that you’re 30% more likely to classify yourself as a dog person. If ironic humor, sarcasm and puns are more your style, there’s a 21% chance that you group yourself with the cat-people crowd.

Determine Your Responsibility Threshold

Preferences aside, if you’re trying to decide whether you’re more suited to life with a cat or a dog as part of the pet selection process, you should seriously take into account the level of responsibility that you’re comfortable with. Owning a cat means that you’ll need to feed and water your pet, clean his litter box and give him a rub or two as he passes over you imperiously to groom himself on the back of the couch. Taking a dog into the family means bringing in an animal that isn’t so low-maintenance, who will require not only feeding and watering, but also long walks to relieve himself and plenty of playtime, affection and one-on-one attention to thrive. If that sounds like just the ticket, you might be more comfortable with a dog. Too much work? Consider a cat instead.

Take Your Living Situation into Account

If you have a bit of room outside for a dog to run, a dog may be more well-suited to your household. A cat, however, won’t require much in the way of outside space because they don’t often deign to leave the comfort of the house. While it may not seem like it speaks much to your personal preferences, the status of your living situation will have a major bearing on how well-equipped you are to handle on pet or another.

In the end, you’re the only person who can truly decide if you’re a dog person or a cat person. Chances are, however, if you’re introspective enough to spend time reading about your preferences to carefully suss them out, you’re probably a card-carrying member of the cat-person’s club.

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