Why Nannies Shouldn’t Gossip About their Bosses

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After a long day of dealing with the less-than-glamorous aspects of your nanny job, especially if you haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye with your employer, it can be very tempting to join in a gossiping and complaining session with fellow nannies at the park or playground where you all gather. However, this might not be the smartest move. Even if you’re out for a night on the town with friends, there are several reasons why you should think twice before you bash your boss, publicly air your grievances, or indulge in some juicy gossip.

  • Little Ears Hear More Than You Think – Many nannies make the mistake of talking about their employers while assuming that their small charges are otherwise occupied and not listening to the adult conversations happening around them. In fact, children tend to be intensely attuned to what’s being said by people near them, as they’re listening and observing as much as they can to better understand the world they live in and the people that inhabit it. When you gossip about or badmouth your boss, you are always taking the risk that the children in your care can hear what you’re saying and will repeat it to their parents.
  • Nannies Gossip With Their Own Employers, Too – Assuming that all nannies have a strained relationship with their employers simply because you do is dangerously inaccurate; when you pass along a scandalous rumor about your employer or decide to complain about what you feel are unfair working conditions to your fellow nannies, you run the risk that at least one of them has a close relationship with her employers. Should any of those nannies take your gossip back to their own bosses, it won’t take long for your words to be making the rounds within the mommy community as well as your own.
  • Complaining to Your Peers Does Nothing to Solve Problems – If you truly feel that you’re being treated unfairly or subjected to untenable work conditions, badmouthing your boss to anyone who will listen is the least effective way of making constructive changes to your relationship or duties. Rather than complaining bitterly to your peers, organize your thoughts into respectful, reasonable points and approach your employer with a positive attitude; you just may be able to affect the changes that you’re seeking, rather than continuing the cycle and gossiping about your “horrible” boss to everyone around you.
  • Even the Strongest Privacy Settings Can Be Compromised – Technology is so heavily relied upon that society often forgets just how fallible computers can be. Regardless of your tighter-than-Fort-Knox security settings on Facebook or Twitter, there is always a chance that your account can be accessed or your settings compromised. When you use social media to gossip about the people who sign your paycheck, it might not be long before you’re seeking a new post.
  • Your Reputation is Everything – You guard your references dearly because you know exactly how valuable they are to you as a domestic employee. What you may not realize is that your references and your reputation go hand in hand; in smaller communities, establishing a reputation for being a busybody that shares private information about their employer might make you popular at the park, but it can very easily damage your reputation as a trustworthy employee.
  • Damaged Trust is Difficult or Impossible to Repair – Trust is often difficult to build, and quite easy to destroy. Once you’ve betrayed your employers’ trust, it’s almost certain to be the death blow to your working relationship, as no one is anxious to give someone that they’ve entrusted their home and children to a second chance to speak ill of them and further damage their reputation.
  • Speculation and Gossip Can Have Serious Repercussions – Whispering about a supposed alliance that one of your employers may have had or broadcasting other unfounded rumors about delicate, personal issues in your employers’ lives can spread like wildfire, and cause just as much damage. Once accusations of infidelity or misconduct have been leveled, they can be almost impossible to completely dispel. A rumor that you’ve carelessly started could potentially damage your employers’ marriage or relationship, leaving a trail of hurt feelings and damaged family dynamics in its wake.

All other reasons aside, the most important argument against gossiping about your employers boils down to simple respect. Regardless of how you may feel at times, your employers have trusted you to come into their home and care for the most precious members of their family in exchange for your salary. Airing their private and personal struggles isn’t the action of a true professional.

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